How to Join IGNITE


IGNITE is a 78 member Choir and we invite anyone with zeal to sing and meet new people to come and join us. No audition – just a note in your head is all you need!

We are a community choir. We sing on Sunday in St. Joseph’s Church, Presentation Road, Galway.

We rehearse every Thursday at 7.30pm, also in St. Joseph’s. (arrive for 7:20pm) All you need to do is arrive to call Keara 0879007003 and let her know you’ll be attending rehearsal!


Rules & General House Keeping.

  1. Time keeping. Rehearsals start at 7:30pm and Mass 12pm. Please arrive 7:15pm before rehearsal and 11:30am on a Sunday
  2. No Children are allowed in the gallery during mass.
  3. Every member must have their own songbook.
  4. Notice to MD appreciated to non-attendance.
  5. All bottles/ wrappers and tissues to be removed from gallery after mass.
  6. Help appreciated to putting away of gear after rehearsals/events/mass.
  7. Members should have positive attitude and sense of great expectation and should encourage each singer when singing solo especially for the first time.
  8. Please refrain from talking excessively during rehearsal/mass/events as it is distracting and disrespectful.
  9. Choir members that miss more than 4 rehearsals in a row need to contact MD or they will be removed from email/text lists for updates until further communication is made.
  10. Bullying/ back biting/disrespect/emotional blackmail/unfriendly behaviour is not tolerated in this choir.
  11. If you are not willing to participate properly in the choir (Standing, clapping, learning lines, teamwork) this may not be the choir for you.
  12. Dress code for events is hoodies. If you don’t have one yet, please wear all black. This includes mass.
  13. Do not chew gum when singing, at events or rehearsal.
  14. No texting during rehearsals. Phone however can be used to record lines.
  15. We strive to keep IGNITE a source of positivity and productivity. Negative attitudes and ‘lazy’ mentalities are not acceptable.Be kind to one another.
  16. It is understood that IGNITE is a choir made up of people from every walk of life and in different places regarding faith. Staying true to our purpose of being a source of positivity, prayer, faith, and spirituality, we ask that all participants act in a mature, hardworking and respectful manner to uplift and encourage themselves and others in their walks of life.
  17. IGNITE is a Community Gospel choir, open to all.
  18. The purposes of the choir are to bring people together to learn new skills, be a part of a team, give something back to the community. It is also for the individual growth, healing and self-awareness. It is for making friends, experiencing something new and achieving new things together as a group.
  19. Remember that sing is proven to lower stress, relieve anxiety and elevate endorphins. After singing with IGNITE you will feel rejuvenated
  20. It is understood that the MD will need to assertive in order to direct the choir as a whole. Do not take Constructive criticism personally. It is for your benefit and the benefit of the choir.