(Female, 25)

I love it, it helps me in so many ways,its a prayer it is healing for me,and good for my mental health and spiritual growth. I just like giving back a little something to God after He has given me so much,i was always so grateful that he had given me this gift and the opportunity to get to use it with Keara  and the choir! Remember why we are doing it,and obedience is important, pray for discernment .We defo wouldn’t be where we are today without Keara.

(Male 36)

I love the choir and it has been a fantastic experience for me.
As musical director Keara provides incredible energy, time and enthusiasm to her role. She is always looking for feed back and listening to members comments. I think the choir provides a lot to the mass experience, especially to the younger people attending. I’ve enjoyed all the experiences from the choir, especially the rehearsals (lots of fun). It a very uplifting experience and one of the best parts of 2010. The feedback i’ve had has been from choir members and its always been positive. For some its been life changing.
I joined IGNITE because i loved ‘The Gift’ experience and found that singing makes me feel really good…. I’ve also made some great friends from the choir.

(Female 16)

I love the choir. I look forward to it on a sunday because sundays are nearly always so boring. I have being in various different choirs, and i have worked with a few different Musical Directors, and in my opinion I always thought that our musical director put so much effort into all the music and songs. Because I am young I think that the choir contributes alot to the mass, that we bring life to the mass and we always stick to theme of the mass. A few of my relatives and my teachers have gone to the mass on the sunday and I have got back all good reports. They all that we were lively and that we sang brilliantly. I love to sing and I love to sing lively songs and because you play lively songs, I enjoy myself. My brother even loved taking part in The Gift, he said that he so much fun. The first time i ever sang in the Town Hall was with the choir and really enjoyed it. I joined because I was singing in my parish choir since I was seven and because we moved parish I couldn’t do that anymore because my parish haven’t put together a choir yet. I found out about The Gift and I thought it was a brilliant idea so I joined that, then the MD called me back into the choir and I was thrilled to join it. Just because of my love for singing and because we all were able to have a bit of fun.

(Female congregant 60 +)

1 Having your music and the choir was an answer to pray – and I really mean that.
2 We celebrate in a joyful, wondrous and prayerful way.
3 Its being part of a Spiritual Community that shares similar ways of worshiping our Lord and doing it whole heartedly and enthused way.
4 Your commitment made it happen and I loved your leaflets.
5 Being part of the Gift last year was a super way to prepare for Christmas and I really enjoyed it.

(Male 65+ Congregant and singer)

My feeling is that the choir should continue throughout the seasons.
I do not think that the choir could happen without Keara as musical director.
I always felt that the choir added greatly to the atmosphere at mass.
Many people have said how they enjoy to singing at mass.
I have always wanted to be involved in something local but because I was always away from home this was not possible so I joined  IGNITE and of course being part of the Gift fulfilled my desire to sing with a group  after I retired.