Schools Program & Workshops 2017-2018


Over the years I’ve been invited to teach workshops in primary schools around Galway (Such as Furbo NS, Scoil Ide & Scoil Bhride Menlo) and found the music to be warmly welcomed and hugely popular with both the students and the teachers. It’s wonderfully energetic and fun as well as giving a great sense of teamwork and pulling a song together with harmony. Gospel style music is both the fast moving, clapping and slow reflective singing and I teach both. Without doubt these workshops give everyone something to look forward to are all inclusive & give great benefit to all of our mental health.
My suggestion to schools is to come visit once every 4 / 6 weeks (or whatever you would like to agree to) and continue to teach throughout the academic year building a repertoire that the school can use.  I work with teachers to help them carry on what I start by giving them all the resources I can to help them out.  The hope would be to teach 2 songs per session which would be roughly an hour to an hour and 10 minutes long on a Friday afternoon any time from 1pm. 
It’s a great way to finish the working week for everyone! I generally work with 4th – 6th class but I’m very happy to take in younger classes if they are interested and if their attention will hold. The more the merrier in Gospel Music.
I bring my own equipment / keyboard & I’ll design out a song sheet for everyone along with a chord chart for a school keyboard /piano/ guitar player.

If this is of interest to you, please let me know as Friday slots are limited and subject to first come first served. 
Looking forward to hearing from you
Kind regards
Keara MacDhòmhnaill