Ignite Gospel Choir: A Galway choir founded by Keara Sheeran


In October of 2008 I returned to the Jes church, the place I had grown up with my father running the folk mass choir. He had retired 12 years previously. What was once a packed out mass full of joy and prayer, families and young couples, singles and religious, was now a quieter mass with no choir and I saddened by this.


I offered my services as a singer and musician to come and provide music for the 5:30 mass and within a few short weeks I returned to the place I consider my spiritual home. I had not purposely set out to start a choir but people began to approach me with a desire to sing and it was a need within the community I was not going to Ignore. On the 12th December 2008 the Jes Gospel Choir was birthed with 5 singers and me and it was a wonderful experience and we received a very warm welcome. Within a year the choir grew to over 15 members and some musicians.

The wonderful thing about this choir is that it is a choir that breathes. People have lives and so some come and stay for the winter months and take a break in the summer, some come for the summer but with school or work commitments cannot commit to the winter. We turn no one away.

Ignite Choir in St Joseph’s Church Mill Street lead by Musical Director Keara Sheeran. Picture:Andrew Dowmes

In August 2010 we had a name change and location change within the parish. The change would make way for a youth choir made up of Jes secondary school student to come and celebrate their faith and in this day and age it was felt that it is important to encourage our young people in faith and spirituality.


The Jes Gospel Choir now called IGNITE moved to their new home of St. Josephs Church and have been thriving since. We welcome into IGNITE people of all ages and backgrounds. People with a desire to sing and met new people. We have many social nights and gatherings with help to build relationships. We also have a choir retreat just too focus us on our spirituality as a choir and as individuals.


Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in join us.